Phykon: Thought Leadership to Address Contact Center Challenges

CIOReview Team

Customers always seek for continued support from their vendors. As many companies have customer base in different parts of the world, Call Centers have become a crucial platform for many organizations to address customer’s problems. It is because call centers can handle a wide range of inbound and outbound calls and can cover various industry segments with an aim to maintain better relationship and interaction with the existing as well as the prospective customers. The boom of the internet, social media and digital content has also enabled call center service providers to enhance their services. Although technological advancements are there and call center service providers have been leveraging them, today’s enterprises still expect the call center service providers to be matured beyond a transactional model. “Enterprises expect call center service providers to offer timely insights and value-ads that would enable substantial business growth for them in the long run,” shares Prathish Vijay, Co-Founder and CEO at Phykon. 

Understanding the specific requirements and various expectations of enterprises, Phykon offers timely insights and value-adds to enterprises with an aim to address the problems of the end customer. “Phykon leverages on thought-leadership, along with a combination of globalization, technology and people to in order to address the challenges of various organizations across the globe,” says Prathish. He co-founded the company in 2006 and since then he has been handling the sales, marketing and client relationship right. He further briefs that Phykon has a strong Back-Office Operations, Technical Support Services and Customer Support Services across various industry verticals. Owing to various strengths in back office functions, technical service and customer service, Phykon has gained deep expertise in leveraging consultative approach to provide various contact center services. “At Phykon, we practice a consultative approach in all our engagements which enables us to understand the business needs of our customer thoroughly and then we provide suitable contact center solutions and service accordingly,” adds Prathish. 

Phykon’s contact center offerings encompass voice support, email support, chat support and social media support service. Apart from providing contact center service, Phykon provides Technical Support, BPO Service, KPO Service, Social Media Marketing and Software Solutions. Technical Support Service by Phykon constitutes of IP Camera Support, Hardware Technical Support and Software Technical Support; whereas BPO offering encompass Data Entry, Accounting, Data Management and Order Processing Service. With regards to Knowledge Process Outsourcing Service, Phykon offers process consulting and performs configuration management. To provide these services, Phykon leverages its two tier power system which offers 100 percent uptime high speed internet leased line with twin back up connection and communication system. Additionally, the company has cutting edge firewall protected network domain, scalable theft prevention system and a gadget free zone with round the clock surveillance. 

Round the Clock Contact Center Service

One of the major offerings of Phykon in contact center service is voice support. “Phykon’s voice based team primarily focuses on providing Technical Support and Customer Support for companies ranging from startups to large organizations,” points out Prathish. He explains that his team provides voice support through both inbound and outbound call center service. “Our handpicked executives have been trained to handle every possible support scenario to provide solutions to customers,” shares the CEO. He unveils that Phykon reaches out to enterprises to gather information and to help them improve their product without causing inconvenience to the end customer.

Another part of contact center service is E-mail support service. “Our Email Support Team works 24/7 and in most of the time zone provides over-night solutions to customer queries,” explains Prathish. Apart from proffering voice support and E-mail support service, Phykon also provides Chat Support and leverages Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to improve contact center service quality. “Phykon’s live chat support team has constantly contributed in sales and revenue growth for its customers. Apart from direct cost reduction through drop in call volumes, our customers also benefit from the pro-active approach through our live chat support service,” points out Prathish. In addition to all the conventional contact center technologies for voice and data management, Phykon’s R&D Team uses cloud driven voice recognition technology, text to speech, data warehousing techniques etc, in tailoring solutions for its customers.

Optimizing the Indian Call Center Market:

Prathish is optimistic about the opportunities for Call Centers in India ahead. He opines that after decades of serving customers across the globe, the call center eco-system in India has significantly matured. By leveraging the demand of call center services in India and across the globe, he envisages his company to become a world leader in IT Enabled services. “We will be increasing our sales and marketing efforts and would be recruiting close to 500 staff members in the coming years. As part of our redundancy plans, we plan to open offices at multiple locations worldwide,” concludes the CEO.